How can a check valve be used?

There are three ways in which check valves are primarily used:

  1. As a one-way flow device - When a valve is installed in a fluid path the valve will keep reverse-flow from occurring.Flow device
  2. As a pressure/vacuum relief device - By placing a check valve in a Tee configuration, excess pressure will be vented out of the system. If the valve’s flow is inward, then it will allow liquid or gas to enter the system once vacuum is sufficient to open the valve.Pressure vacuum
  3. As an anti-leak device - When fluid inline leaks after the pumping source is shut off, a check valve placed at the end of the line will keep the system from leaking out while the pump is not running.

How can a check valve be installed?

We have four different ways to install check valves:

  • Barb - Barb type check valves can be installed at a break in a hose inline. Double barbs allow for a positive seal.Barb type
  • Gland - Gland type check valves are used when the valve needs to fit into a bore. The outer o-ring provides sure sealing in this compact space.Gland type
  • Inserted - The ultimate in space saving. The Inserted type check valves can be installed in the tubing itself. For use in flexible tubing.Inserted
  • NPT - NPT or National Pipe thread style threads allow N-series check valves to be threaded into a manifold or other fitting where NPT’s are used.NPT

How do I pick the best O-ring for my application?

O-ring material is usually selected to provide chemical compatibility with the fluid or gas in your application, call us and we can assist you in selecting the best o-ring material.

Can I talk to an Engineer to help spec in a valve?

Yes, you can talk to an Engineer to help spec in the best choice for your needs.

I can’t find a check valve that meets my requirements, will Precision Check Valve design a custom valve for me?

Yes, we can design a valve that meets your specifications. Just contact us for details.

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